Well, we've already established that "Casanova: The Movie" wasn't exactly historically accurate... which is too bad, since the life of the real Casanova was often stranger than fiction (or maybe even was fiction, considering that he wrote his own life story himself!!) Wanna know more? Check out the Casanova Research Page. Enjoy!!

Scientists saving the Renaissance!

"Physicists in Italy are developing a new device for assessing the condition of some of the country's most valuable fresco paintings. The tool can reveal information about the condition of a wall painting without ever touching its surface, making the device a potentially valuable aid to restoration and preservation efforts...."

Weird Science in Sidebar Video: Sound & Salt

It's been a while since I ran into such a thoroughly cool (and trippy!) science link on the web... Watch how changing sound waves create increasingly intricate patterns in table salt! Enjoy!!

BTW, wanna know why? Try reading "Formative Power of Sound" for starters! Too cool!! :-)