It's "Cookie O'Puss"!!

Dedicated to my dear friend Dale, with whom I was just reminiscing about "Cookie Puss" today... Instead, this commercial seems to rather puzzle the guy at "Google Video of the Day"! (Let me tell you, though... it's nothing without the voiceover of Mr. Carvel himself!!) Enjoy!!

"1982 - Carvel Cookie Puss and Cookie O'Puss commercial - Description: This is a TV ad for a Northeast US dessert phenomenon known as Carvel Ice Cream Cakes. Behold the famous Cookie Puss, and its little buddy for St. Patrick's Day, Cookie O'Puss."

*LIVE* Maine Bald Eaglecam!

For the first time, a live internet camera in Maine lets you watch in real time a pair of bald eagles nesting, laying eggs, and raising young.

According to the latest Maine Audubon newsletter, since Eaglecam "launched in March the eagle pair has defended their nest against another eagle, prepared the nest for eggs, laid an egg, and consumed a freshly caught sea duck."

Don't miss the action when their egg laid on March 6th hatches in 35 days!!! :-)

History Bloopers

Today, I've extended Spring Cleaning to my office at the College, and I've found so many treasures so far! There's my grandfather's old wristwatch that I'd lost and more books than I'd care to count, for example... but probably the most entertaining is some "History Bloopers" from student answers to an identification quiz I gave a couple of years ago! Enjoy!! :-)

Q: St. Ignatius of Loyola?
A: "Was the goddess of love."

Q: The Hundred Years' War?
A: "A war that lasted from 1557-1443."

Q: Leonardo da Vinci?
A: "Suffered from schitsafrenia... & he cut off his ear to stop the auditory hilusanations." [needless to say, sic!]

While entertaining, the best are those who already know that they don't really know the answer, but deliberately go for the laugh! My favorite of all time???

Q: Dunkirk?
A: "What Scotty says to the Captain when he's completed a task."

LOL! I have to admit that earned him at least 1 point out of a possible 4 just because he made me chuckle...

What Type of Writer Should You Be?

Probably explains a lot about my history writing, really... :-)

You Should Be a Joke Writer

You're totally hilarious, and you can find the humor in any situation.

Whether you're spouting off zingers, comebacks, or jokes about life...

You usually can keep a crowd laughing, and you have plenty of material.

You have the makings of a great comedian - or comedic writer.

Blogthings - What Sign Is Your True Love?

I guess this means that at heart I may well be narcissistic!

Your True Love Is a Gemini

Why you'll love a Gemini:

Witty and sharp, a Gemini can keep up with your fast (and ever changing) mind.

You're both fun loving and free spirits. You and a Gemini can enjoy each other without expectations.

Why a Gemini will love you:

Not only can you keep up with a Gemini's sharp tongue, you can introduce a challenge or two...

You're appetite for fun and novelty will keep a Gemini interested - at least for a bit longer than usual!

Actually, not really... Geminis are too flightly. And I can say that because I is one! :-)

How Quirky Are You?

Your Quirk Factor: 34%

You have a few little quirks, but you generally blend in well with society.

Only those who know you well know how weird you can be.

Myles Duffy, how Irish are you??

One'a me ould flowers says he's Oirish, 'cept he also says that he never gets cheesed off, because "anger is a negative emotion." Hmmm... gotta say that don't sound very Irish to me! ;-)

So, I claim ya', "Myles Duffy"! Take the quiz and show me how Irish ya' really are!!

You're 50% Irish

You're probably less Irish than you think you are...

But you're still more Irish than most.

Janey Mack! I guess I'm not that Oirish either!! Then again, you might be able to tell that I had to rely on the award-winning Everyday English and Slang in Ireland site for my jargon, and I can't do a brogue to save my life, so - all told - 50% probably isn't half bad... (so to speak!)

A bit more fun (albeit a mere 2 days late!) from the Emerald Isle? How about a grand Random Irish Proverb?! Enjoy!!

All Venice, All the Time?

Venice Channel Coming to US Television?

I mean, I love and adore Venice, so don't get me wrong... but it hasn't exactly been the hoppingest of places for a couple of centuries by now! (I wonder if you'll be getting the stucco sluffing off the buildings in real time...)


Top 20 Reasons Dogs Don't Use Computers

20. Can't stick their heads out of Microsoft Windows.
19. Fetch command not available on all platforms.
18. Hard to read the monitor with your head cocked to one side.
17. Too difficult to 'mark' every website they visit.
16. Can't help attacking the screen when they hear 'You've Got Mail.'
15. Fire hydrant icon simply frustrating.
14. Involuntary tail wagging is dead giveaway they're browsing instead of working.
13. Keep bruising noses trying to catch that MPEG frisbee.
12. Not at all fooled by Chuckwagon Screen Saver.
11. Still trying to come up with an 'emoticon' that signifies tail-wagging.
10. Oh, but they WILL... with the introduction of the Microsoft Opposable Thumb.
9. Three words: Carpal Paw Syndrome
8. 'Cause dogs ain't GEEKS! Now, cats, on the other hand...
7. Barking in next cube keeps activating YOUR voice recognition software.
6. SmellU-SmellMe still in beta test.
5. SIT and STAY were hard enough, GREP and AWK are out of the question!
4. Saliva-coated mouse gets mighty difficult to maneuver.
3. Annoyed by lack of newsgroup,'s.leg.
2. Butt-sniffing more direct and less deceiving than online chat rooms.

And the Number 1 Reason Dogs Don't Use Computers...
1. TrO{gO DsA[M,bN HyAqR4tDc TgrOo TgYPmE WeIjTyH P;AzWqS,.

From "Planet Urine" via, strangely enough, my mother... Thanks, Mom! :-)

The funniest damn sketch I've seen in a while... No joke!

Video of the true story behind the Lord of the Rings!

Starring Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Geller... Not to be missed!!

(I guess it was from one of the MTV Movie Awards, and I must be like the last person on earth to see it... But there are a couple of other decent ones on YouTube, too! Just search for "MTV" and "parody," and you'll find 'em!!)

Forget the Oscars! It's time for the "Bloggies"!!

Before my recent overdose of the internet (fear not... it's just the inevitable existential crisis which follows discovering that you've officially just run into the end of the information highway!), I actually voted my own two-cents' worth on these. A number of my own high-quality personal faves didn't win the popular vote, but that's nothing new! :-)

Anyway, enjoy the "Best of Blogs" 2006!!

Bloggies >> Sixth Annual Weblog Awards

Oh no... not again!

James Bond Hits Venice For Action (March 17th, 2006)

What time is it??

A cool art project by "Yugo Nakamura... a creative director, designer and engineer exploring various forms of interactive system in digital and networked environment."


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