History Bloopers!

Just going through some old files and discovered a short list of student bloopers I'd taken down once upon a time.  (Bloopers were always so much better when I gave identification quizzes!)  Enjoy!!  ☺

Battle of Britain: "Battle to find out who got the land between Germany and France."

Industrial Revolution: "A revolution fought between Italy and France" or "Started by Martin Luther."

Iron Curtain: "U.S. submarine sunk at the beginning of WWII."

Grand Army: "Britain's army was called this because they had all the weapons and fancy uniforms."

Blitzkrieg: "Means 'lightning war,' an invention during this time."

Boris Yeltsin: "Former leader of Russia.  Has big brown spot on head."

And, last but not least,

Ur: "The last frog to talk in the Budweiser commercials."