Food Blogging Stateside: The Ethereal Jams of Maine's "Appledore Cove"

As I've mentioned before, I don't often have reason to food-blog when I'm in the States. But every now and then I discover something locally that I have to tell the world about!

This time, it's Appledore Cove... By now, many folks already know about Stonewall Kitchen, yummy jams and condiments sold from their Martha-Stewartesque company store in York, Maine. Don't get me wrong... I love their stuff, and I had never tasted jellies and jams so good before. (I'm particularly partial to the Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam myself!)
That is, until I discovered this week Appledore Cove's "Strawberry Honey Lavender Jam" made right here in N. Berwick, Maine... What a revelation! Elegant in its simplicity... You can taste each of the main ingredients, but it's the beautiful marriage of these flavors which outdoes Stonewall, in my opinion!

Yes, it's also a bit pricey... but as long as you don't indiscriminately slather it on PB & J, it's totally worth it! We had ours on toasted butter croissants this morning, and it was out of this world... So good that it need not stop at breakfast. According to Applecove, the jam is also excellent "as a topping for ice cream or as a filling between cake or pastry layers." I don't doubt it!! Trust me... try it and you'll love it!

Venice on Ice

Venice on ice is a rare sight.
This anonymous painting shows Venetians skating between the north shore (le Fondamente Nove) in Venice and the tiny island of San Michele (now the city's cemetary island) in January 1709.

I've known Venice for almost 15 years now, and I've never seen such a thing! The closest we've ever come was when we were trying once in January to take the Alilaguna shuttleboat from Venice to the airport like we had a million times before, but this time the boat's engine started to overheat because the water injectors were getting clogged with ice... So, they were force to detour to the car park at Piazzale Roma, where we had to get an automobile taxi to take us the rest of the way! I thought we'd never make it...

But now you can see this rare and strange event from the comfort of your own computer without ever getting your feet cold (or risk missing a plane!) From the "Serenissima" discussion group, a beautiful video of when the Venetian lagoon and canals froze over in 1929... Enjoy!

Venice to give up mineral water for Lent?

"The diocese of Venice is encouraging people to give up mineral water for Lent and start drinking tap water in a campaign to raise funds for charity..." (more at Rome general News: Venice gives up mineral water for Lent.)

What's more, Italians are already "locavores" when it comes to their (natural, not tap-filtered!) mineral water... Take that, Dasani!