Venice to give up mineral water for Lent?

"The diocese of Venice is encouraging people to give up mineral water for Lent and start drinking tap water in a campaign to raise funds for charity..." (more at Rome general News: Venice gives up mineral water for Lent.)

What's more, Italians are already "locavores" when it comes to their (natural, not tap-filtered!) mineral water... Take that, Dasani!

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Venetian Cat - Venice Blog said...

I'm glad to see that the Mayor and the Patriarch are promoting the local water, which I love and am known for promoting myself here in town -- Venetian water and I have a long, crazy story which we won't get into. But if they steal my idea to sell it, I want my commission:) I said that people would pay to take home a little magic Venetian water, and to sell plastic bottles like they do in San Patrick's Cathedral and let them fill up the bottles themselves from the fountains. It is really good water, and Venetians live long -- must be something in the water!