Gondola Joy Ride

From this week's "Buongiorno Venezia" newsletter:
"Another 21-year-old tourist, this time from United States, distinguished himself by stealing something quite showy, precious, and much bigger than the seven eggs [stolen from a contemporary art exhibition this week]. He nicked a gondola and travelled the canals in a state of inebriation with no idea of how dangerous his actions were. Witnesses say he was rowing as if pickaxing, and when he was blocked by the police, he asked them, 'Where is the boat's rudder?' His knowledge of gondolas was as minuscule as his sobriety."
Just great... Another bad impression left here by another drunk American! *sigh* Oh well...

Saturday Photohunt: One

It's been a long while since I did the Saturday Photohunt... In the meantime, though, I started recently using Instagram on the iPhone, which is a lot of fun and a great way to share photos with the world! So, for this week's photohunt, I thought I'd go through my Instagram pics so far and post the images that fit the theme.

Those of ya'll who are on Instagram can check out my pictures at @misciel, if you'd like, and those who aren't can still use the Webstagram service, like I've linked to here! I've used a few different hashtags: #photohunt, #saturdayphotohunt, and #saturday_photohunt... Please feel free to use them yourselves if you are Instagrammers too! :-)

Anyway, my Instagram Photohunt pics are also pasted here. I like the Venetian Lagoon shot the best... The other three are from my recent trip to Greece, where as you can see I really enjoyed snapping pics of the local pups!

I hope you enjoy them and best wishes for a great week!!

Traditional Transport in Venice

I've been meaning forever to post here on *MMC* this photo from a French blog dedicated to Venice, TraMeZziniMag, so here it is! When I first arrived in Venice 18 years ago, I still saw (rarely) products being carried through the streets this way... but it's been years since the last time I've seen it. I hope it's not dead and gone the way of so many other lost Venetian traditions...

Modern Library Built over (Nearly) Millennarian Covent Ruins

Well, as you can see in the sidebar, I do more FBing of my interesting weblinks than blogging nowadays, but I thought these photos were worth firing up Blogger for! ☺

First thing to know is that these originate from Instagram, a free iPhone app that's also fast becoming a photosharing sensation, not to mention a global social-network community for enjoying others' photography! (Those who don't use the iPhone or iPad can vicariously appreciate Istagram-ography by observing a live-stream of photos as they are being uploaded from all over the world at Hashtagram or by using the Webstagram service. FYI: I'm on there as @misciel!)

Now, the photo here is from Instagram user @mariannehope, a Norwegian who usually lives in Holland and typically shoots lovely desaturated, minimalist images of still-lifes and panoramas. That's why these images caught my eye... not like her usual style at all. Turns out that's because she wanted to give a strong sense of this fascinating building!

It is the Tønsberg Library, which she just visited. According to Wikipedia, Tønsberg is generally regarded as the oldest town in Norway, and they've got the ruins to prove it! As Marianne writes,
What's special about this building is that it's built on and around ancient ruins from the year 1180, the ruins of a convent. They also found 6 graves from the Vikings on the grounds. The building was built in 1992 and is a fantastic piece of modern architecture mixed in with the historic stones.
For more images of this interesting building, you can check out #tønsberglibrary on Webstagram - Instagram Web Viewer! (Turns out that Marianne will even be posting more tomorrow...) Enjoy!!