History Bloopers

Today, I've extended Spring Cleaning to my office at the College, and I've found so many treasures so far! There's my grandfather's old wristwatch that I'd lost and more books than I'd care to count, for example... but probably the most entertaining is some "History Bloopers" from student answers to an identification quiz I gave a couple of years ago! Enjoy!! :-)

Q: St. Ignatius of Loyola?
A: "Was the goddess of love."

Q: The Hundred Years' War?
A: "A war that lasted from 1557-1443."

Q: Leonardo da Vinci?
A: "Suffered from schitsafrenia... & he cut off his ear to stop the auditory hilusanations." [needless to say, sic!]

While entertaining, the best are those who already know that they don't really know the answer, but deliberately go for the laugh! My favorite of all time???

Q: Dunkirk?
A: "What Scotty says to the Captain when he's completed a task."

LOL! I have to admit that earned him at least 1 point out of a possible 4 just because he made me chuckle...

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guile said...

lol.. love dunkirk..