Mashuped Michelle!

Anybody who's bothered to talk to me about music over, say, the last year or so knows that I'm mad over mashups!

There are a huge number of compilations out there at the moment (which - cuz of the genre - may just not be out there the next, like "Best of Bootie 2006" at right!) Snap 'em up with you can!!

I'm particularly likin'em while working out these days. Both, sooner or later, give you the sublime moment! As they say down under and over at Mashuptown,

You are about to have what I call a "Mashup Moment". It's kind of like when you see a beautiful woman from're not too sure if this Sheila is a winner.... but you eventually get close enough to say to yourself "Wow - there is a God" (please reverse gender if you are female, or a gay male). Now with Mashups it's a bit different. You see the artists involved in the track and think to yourself "hmmm this might be interesting - I dig those bands" but you are still a bit skeptical. Then you start the track. Familiar beats and hooks give ya the warm fuzzies. Familiar memories rush in and take you back in an instant to a time and place in your life that bring back good time feelings. And then.... you get blown away. The track just keeps getting better and better. You think to yourself "How on earth could these tracks be mixed together to sound so amazing?" "How is it possible for someone to poses that much brilliance and talent to be able to figure out and calculate the endless mixing permutations to make the music sound as one?" In an instant your life is better. Your mood is enhanced. You think to yourself 'Life is Good'. And you can't wipe that f*cking smile off your face. That my friend is what I call the Mashup Moment. It is the reason we do what we do here at Mashuptown.

And, yes, there is a God! Mashuptown is my daily purveyor of musical miracles, keepin' me stocked and keepin' me stoked!! :-)

Keep up the jammin' work, blokes!!!!

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