Hieronymus Bosch Action Figures!

You loved "The Garden of Earthly Delights"! (After all, who doesn't??)

Now you can play with all the characters at home with the "Hieronymus Bosch Action Figures"!!


Sarah said...

i stumbled across your blog in a google search for bosch (in a vain attempt to find some work of art besides the tryptich), and i must say: your posting of the earthly delights action figure has made this geek's day.

Anonymous said...

agreed. you fuckin rock!

Simon said...

In response to Sarah's vain attempts to find some work of art besides the tryptich, the Doge's palace in Venice has a huge set of smaller Bosch painted on wood, these should be up on internet. If not, go to Venice..

I love the figure, make and set and I'm sure they'd sell like anything..

Anonymous said...

I'm currently obsessed with looking for high-quality detailed scans of Bosch paintings on the net. I discovered Bosch when reading a review of a book that I'm also obsessed with - "Blood Meridian" by Cormac McCarthy. The reviewer described it as a cross between "Hieronymus Bosch and Sam Peckinpah". After having a look at his paintings, I know why; he conjures planes of existence on canvas which encompass the suffering that human beings bring upon themselves knowingly - and that irony serves as the horror in his paintings. There is a limit to how far the human flesh can be distorted, but the true dread terror lies in how capable we are of destroying ourselves and the others around us.

And to have those timeless characteristics of the human condition turned into action figures is simply marvelous. Thank God I found this website. I'm buying these action figurines.

At any rate, it beats the bullshit churned out by McFarlane toys.

I hope.

Ronald Edmondson said...

Enyone who likes Bosch should check-out the poet, Charles Baudelaire "Les Fleurs du Mal" (flowers of evil).The most powerful book of verse from the nineteeth century,(along with the poetry of Rimbaud).All roads lead to William.S.Burroughs (old Bill Lee).Like holding up a mirror to the human soul;not pretty.