UN Support for Darfur mission urged

I'm not usually political at all on this blog, since I believe strongly in living and letting live...

However, on that note... I was appalled at the news that the UN forces in Darfur are grossly ill-equipped.

The five-year conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan has left an estimated 300,000 people dead.

Helicopters are vital to the success of the UN mission to protect the remaining civilians, but so far no country has provided the forces even ONE of the 18 helicopters that the mission needs to protect them.

UN troops' are in fact SO short of necessary equipment that those who don't have a standard issue blue UN helmet have resorted to wearing BLUE PLASTIC BAGS on their heads!

And so I blog... Genocide is unimaginably horrific in itself, and now we essentially send to their deaths the men who desperately try to prevent it. For more, read BBC NEWS | Africa | Support for Darfur mission urged

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