Octopi Escape!

A fantastic little animated short of a love-struck octopus' rescue from one of those cute tiny "ape" scooter trucks on a small Greek island... It's a hoot! Enjoy!!

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome!

Reminds me of a story that supposedly happened to a friend of a friend in college, so it's probably firmly in urban rumor country.

Story goes thusly: Dude has a pet octopus. Over on the other side of the room, he keeps another tank with the feeder fish in it.

The feeder fish keep dwindling. He gets after his roommate: "Stop feeding the octopus when I'm not home! I want him on a carefully controlled diet!"

His roommate, bewildered: "Dude, I'm not feeding it!"

Eventually, he noticed tiny tell-tale wet sucker marks on the floor.

The octopus has been opening the latch on its own aquarium, climbing down to the floor, squelching the ten feet or so across the room to the other tank, into the tank, having a fish, then climbing out and back to its own tank!