The Beauty and Absurdity of Venice at Night

Here's a great video of Venice at night that you can enjoy on two different levels at once!

Firstly, those who don't know Italian will find it a relaxingly tranquil scene of the peace of the nocturnal city.

Secondly, those who DO know Italian AND know Venice will find the commentary utterly ridiculous. The whole time, while nothing at all of any significance is happening, the so-called journalist who's narrating is trying to characterize Venice at night as dangerous, an assertion which is almost completely untrue!

The first part of the video shows a bridge leading to Campo San Giovanni & Paolo and the entrance to the municipal hospital (neither of which you see...) that's actually a lovely area at night. Instead, the voiceover claims that it's an area nefarious for drug dealing, and implies that there's some kind of crackhouse or the like in the illuminated window on the other side of the canal (when it's really like a trattoria or something).

Then they switch to the alley of Calle Larga Giacinto Gallina, which is just on the other side of that bridge we saw earlier, and again... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS! Instead, the journalist, who can't help but nevertheless observe that the walkway is so well-lit (like it's always been) lies that it's only a recent phenomenon resulting from several muggings which had happened there. (Not.) Again, he says the area's notorious for drug dealers (again, NOT!) and when an older man who's coming home at night enters in his front door, the voiceover wonders aloud what he must be doing since isn't a habitation there. (Another big lie!)

So there you have it! Totally fictional fear-mongering, however patently obvious it is to any viewer that it's completely ridiculous!! Still, turn down the voiceover and you too can experience the quiet, uneventful magic of Venice at night... Enjoy!!

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