I am now the proud owner of a Vespa scooter! Now, this is the fun life!! (Captured best by this 1999 song by Lunapop, I think!)

The Vespa was war-stricken Italy's reaction to the need for personal transportation in 1946. Little would anyone have suspected then that this sturdy little scooter born of necessity would become associated with the swank good life of the ultra-hip by the 1960s...

To celebrate my finally joining the mod squad here in Italy, here are some WONDERFUL 60s commercials for the Vespa! (Don't miss the girls in skirts riding side-saddle!!) Enjoy!!

(Not last but not least, my question I posted on AskMetafilter and the discussion that ensued where I found these cool videos. Last but not least, here's a great pic of Charlton Heston and Stephen Boyd from my latest discovery, Vintage Photographs!)


Michelle said...

BTW, I think the shoes in the opening scene of Vespapapapa are fantastically swank!

Anonymous said...

All right, I gotta ask about the logistics of owning a Vespa in Venice. Since I've been to your apartment, I can't picture, do you store it there, and drag it to a vaporetto to take to the mainland when you want to ride it, or do you store it at your mother-in-law's on the Lido, or in storage in Miestre, or what?