(Don't) Send in the Clowns!

These days, more often than not, I'm microblogging on Twitter (as you can see in my right-hand sidebar). Unless, of course, I have something longer than 140 characters to say, like today, for instance!

You probably didn't know that the youngest son of Benito Mussolini grew up to be a relatively well-appreciated jazz pianist. (Apparently, in his 2006 obituary, they said "he made the refrains run on time"... Get it??)

That's right... Romano Mussolini was too young when the fascist dictator was finally killed to have been directly involved in his politics and instead chose the artistic life. He even married the sister of Sophia Loren and wound up fathering the former centerfold and current Italian parliamentarian Alessandra Mussolini. (Hence, part - but only just part - of the reason for the "30 Rock" joke this year when Cerie says of her Halloween costume, "I'm an Italian Senator!")

But Romano's artistic bent wasn't limited just to music. He also was a self-taught painter. Unfortunately, however, he chose the world's ugliest genre to dabble in... That's right, clown pictures!

We've posted about pagliaccio unpleasantness before here on *MMC*, and to maintain that august tradition, without further ado, we present some of the paintings from around the web which may be featured in an exhibition of Romano Mussolini's paintings which is (inexplicably) being held in Padua, Italy.

Enjoy! (That is, if you can... You'll see what I mean!)

One last note for any would-be art collectors out there: it seems that the first painting is currently for sale on eBay for a mere $1474!

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Anonymous said...

Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy:

“To me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kind of scary. I've wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad.”