PhotoHunt: "Orange" Houses for You & Me

Ever seen an orange house? Well, you're about to see a bunch right now!! ☺

Today's PhotoHunt theme, "Orange," is again brought to you courtesy of Burano, Italian island of many colors!

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LibertyBelle said...

Those are fabulous houses! Well done!

Sreisaat said...

Lovely houses! Don't they look like dainty slices of cakes from afar? There are also lots of apartments of different colours here in Cambodia but they aren't as charming as the ones in your picture.

Sreisaat Adventures

Anna said...

I am so glad that you had your camera with you that day! Beautiful colours. Really nice pictures. Perfect for the Orange theme!
I was looking for toy 'Friend Connect'-box but could not find it.

Happy Weekend!

Anna's PH-Orange

srp said...

What beautiful houses! I have seen the pastel colored ones up near Florence, but these are so vibrant! My orange is here.

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

the houses around it are just as captivating.

Here's mine:

Luna Miranda said...

the colors are pretty! great find for this week's theme.