Best "away from blogging" post ever...

Okay, I admit it... I'm a complete "Dappled Things" addict. I mean, how can you resist the blog of a smart, funny, Italy-loving, Southern, libertarian, thirty-something Roman Catholic priest? Despite the fact that I'm an Italy-loving, Southern expatriate myself, it's not that I think we're that alike or anything (after all, I wasn't even raised Catholic) but his writing's always clever and very often humorous, and I've had nothing but respect for (and an occasional well-aimed belly-laugh from) what I read there!

BTW, we're very happy with our college chaplain up here, but if--God forbid--he's ever transferred and there's a vacancy, Father Jim ought to apply! Of course, he probably gets those invites all the time...

Anyway, funny "away from blogging" notice from Don Jim this week:

"There won't be a whole lot of blogging going on over the next week, as I leave town for a pre-Advent sojourn. Secret mission for the Vatican, and all that. If I told you, the Inquisition would have to send Jesuit commandos to kill you."

Um... BTW, that is a joke. Actually, everybody knows that the commandos are really Dominicans!! :-)

And lastly, one of the best religious one-liners that I've heard from a clergyman in about 20 years (although our chaplain up here does have really good ones, too!)

"Whenever anyone has asked me whether my religion is based on the Bible, I usually answer, 'No, the Bible is based on my religion.'"
Well, don't stay away too long, Don Jim! Note: I may not be "antipodean," but as a true addict I'd get the "DT" d.t.'s!!! ;-)

UPDATED (Nov. 5): Since Don Jim's on hiatus, I used my lil' extra free time to install some of the multimedia "Dappled Things" uses... Thanks as always for the inspiration!!

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