iPod Fortune Telling!

A really entertaining meme that I found from Don Jim at Dappled Things:

"All-Knowing Ipod -- A fun meme from Omis at Higher Plane, whose responses were much funnier and made more sense than most of mine... Instructions: Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud, and press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question. NO CHEATING."

(It wasn't quite working for me personally, since I had a lot of classical pieces , strange indie songs, and world music with non-English titles coming up, so I fudged and skipped those... Enjoy!)

How does the world see you?
"Tried to be True" (Indigo Girls)

Will I have a happy life?
"Wicked Game" (Chris Issac)

What do my friends really think of me?
"Love of My Life" (The Good Fellas)

What do people secretly think of me?
"Porcelain" (Moby)

How can I be happy?
"Mambo" (Zaiko Langa Langa)

What should I do with my life?
"Sink Venice" (Ikara Colt)

Will I ever have children?
"Just the Way It Is" (Bruce Hornsby)

What is some good advice for me?
"Won't Get Fooled Again" (The Who)

How will I be remembered?
"Centerfold" (J. Geils' cover by Hayseed Dixie)

What is my signature dancing song?
"Town Called Malice" (The Jam)

What do I think my current theme song is?
"Poor, Poor Pitiful Me" (Warren Zevon)

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
"Trashy Women" (Confederate Railroad)

What song will play at my funeral?
"Bring Me Some Water" (Melissa Etheridge)

What type of men/women do you like?
"Ironic" (Alanis Morissette)

What is my day going to be like?
"The World Exploded" (Bob Schneider)

Think it sounds like a hoot?? If so, consider yourself tagged! You're it!!

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