Today's literary moment...

"Clatter" by Marky-J

"The clatter of my shovel was deafening as I dug beside the mysterious river that flowed helter-skelter over the rocks only to disappear into the evening's darkness. Naturally, then, I was ecstatic as the starlit night quickly gave way to dawn's light where the ominous disappearence of the river quickly revealed its continuance downstream. Suddenly, I was startled by a jim-dandy of a monkey exhibiting rowdy behavior until I realized that it was just playing. I felt like an idiot until I realized the butterfly flying before me had interpreted the monkey's behavior as shady."

"Ennui" by Michelle

"At a starlit dawn, an ecstatic, rowdy little jim-dandy of a monkey quickly rode the shovel down the helter skelter to the ominous river where the butterfly had mysteriously disappeared under the shady natural lighting."

(The End.)

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