Men... 80% slashed off!

Ah, the things one finds when looking for bedding sales on the internet! Like,, save up to 80% every day!

Now, even if he is only $20, I cannot help but wonder what happened to the other 80% of this guy!

I can't quite decide if this is thoroughly macabre or just plain sad. (Bedding fashion tip: if you must, go for a teddy bear instead, which exudes cutesy and adorableness rather than, say, "this was the only part I could fit in my trunk..." Yikes!!)

I guess clients however really appreciate that more complicated male parts are not actually included, and some folks actually seem to like it better that way. (Either that, or they're shopping in the way wrong catalog!)

Really. Don't miss the customer reviews. With accolades like these, I wonder how they're actually able to keep these dismembered torsos from flying off the warehouse shelves!

Aiiieee.... sounds like a movie! "Freddy does Overstock.Com", or maybe just "Scary Movie 5"... What do you think?? Why, the DVD sales alone could keep me up to my neck in these disembodied arms! (On second thought, AIIEEEEE!)


planettom said...

When she wants to cuddle afterwords, can a guy slip one of these in and sneak off? Well, I guess it'd be an ugly scene when she wakes up.

Along those lines, there's the Godfather Horse Head Pillow!

Michelle said...


Still, it does seem rather incongruous with Overstock's marketing campaign as the "Big O"!