"Recipes conjure visions of Venice"

"Spend two weeks in Venice and you will cross approximately 113 bridges with an equivalent elevation gain of a stroll up Mount Si. You will jump on and off 48 floating buses known as Vaporetti. Somebody possibly will try to pick your pocket and he (she?) might even be masquerading as a nun, in St. Mark's Basilica. You will lose your way up dead-end streets and winding canals more often than a myopic mouse in a house of mirrors.

But I immediately acquired a sense of security. Because I discovered a wine shop, just two blocks from our apartment, where they would refill a plastic bottle with a drinkable merlot for less than $3 a liter..."

Ah, Venice! Enjoy a taste with these two recipes for spaghetti with clams and the ever-famous risi e bisi!!

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