Champions of the World!!!

Italy won! At penalty kicks, no less!!

There's a lot of truth to the fact that a good soccer match - unlike American football and baseball- makes its fans suffer each and every second. Just like last night, until the very last goal!!

But victory is sweet! Check out videos of the grand reaction in Lecco and Treviso, nearby Venice.

But the classic Italian celebration - called a carousel or "carosella" - involves getting whatever motor vehicle is available, and driving giant circles around town, yelling, honking and flag-waving! All night, Italians and their descendants drove carousels all over the globe... You can see a sample on YouTube, but probably the best video I've seen so far was this one in Milan! It's the next best thing to being there... Enjoy!!

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Anonymous said...

We throughly enjoyed the game. No wonder riots happen at the end of a game. It is VERY TENSE. Better than American football. Of course, the Italian men are not too hard on the eyes either.