UPDATED Newsflash: 'Vaporetto 13' to Be Adapted into Movie!

Robert Girardis' 'Vaporetto 13' To Get Adapted

According to the buzz from "Killer Movies" so far, the "storyline revolves around an American industrial diver who has a strange premonition that comes true when he discovers a submerged church in Venice that no one knows about. Church holds a dangerous secret that brings him into contact with an otherworldly woman."

UPDATED: I personally like the line that "the film's style is described as 'a kind of 'Trainspotting' meets Fellini set in decaying Venice," says Liman (the film's producer).

The "Trainspotting" bit might be interesting, but the Felliniesque treatment of a decaying Venice, well, isn't - shall we say - much of a stretch. (I mean, you could set up a webcam in an alley here and automatically get that already, for free!)

Oh, and there wouldn't be the influence of any little movie called the "Da Vinci Code" anywhere in the mix, would there?? Hmm?? (Although, I have to admit, I can't really imagine Langdon in a wetsuit...)

Anyway, best of luck to the producers and director trying to make a film in Venice that's not cliched but still commercial!!

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