Exam Bloopers

A couple of these were just so priceless that it's a shame to let them languish forever alone in never-again-read blue books, so I'm sharing one of the "joys" of the profession. Enjoy!

About comparing and contrasting Alexander the Great, Augustus and Charlemagne:
  • "The only differences between them were that they lived in different eras. They all had different causes of deaths either from poison or a virus. They all also were from different regions of the world."
  • "Augustus was sort of the same, the only difference was I really don't know. I hope I pass [illegible]."
On the persecutions of Christians in Ancient Rome:
  • "Despite the size of Christianity as a religion in today's world it was not always accepted. Think about it. Christ was hung on a cross. Yes, it was he did suffer for our sins but that seems a pretty clear picture to me that his religion was not accepted."
  • "Christianity also played a role in [ancient] Roman art and architecture with the development of the Sistine Chapel and the Parthenon."

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