Free Software Giveaway of the Day!

As they say in Italy, "I know my chickens!" (That is, in English, "I know somebody like the back of my own hand"...)

In the land where, according to Uncle Henry's, it's often free for the taking if you can haul it away (lots of stuff, but usually manure and - I swear I am not making this up - "special needs cats"), my Mainer chickens - as well as some friends farther afield - just love "free"!

That's why you can't beat the Free Software Giveway of the Day! Each and every day (for 24 hours and for 24 hours only!) you can download and install (the only catch... You must install the software during the stated giveaway period!) FREE, FULL versions of programs you'd otherwise have to pay as much as $100 for! And they give away all kinds of different programs, but it's particularly good for various multimedia applications!! (Plus games at

What's the giveaway for today? (And check back... It'll automatically update every day!)

Giveaway of the Day

Don't miss it and wind up having to pay for something like it later!


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