Kayaking Venice's Canals?! Ew!!

A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times posted a feature on a guy who toured Venice in an inflatable kayak...

I had thought about doing precisely the same thing (except out in the lagoon!) years ago, but nowadays my own reaction to this was a typically Venetian mix of bemusement and horror... Here's why at Letters - The Canals of Venice - NYTimes.com!


Anonymous said...

Bah, immersion in Venetian canal waters didn't seem to affect Lara Croft in the 1997 video game TOMB RAIDER II!

YouTube video.

René Seindal said...

Some of us paddle around Venice all the time. It is not dangerous at all if you're careful and know the rules.

Have a look at www.venicekayak.com for our activities.

Rene Seindal
Venice Kayak