You say it's your blog birthday? It's my blog birthday too, yeah!

Earlier this week, medievalist blog Unlocked Wordhoard celebrated its 3rd year of existence. Today, June 18, marks three years of *Michelle's Mental Clutter* as well!

Back on June 18 2005, I started MMC as a tribute to the endearing peculiarities of life in Venice and Italy. Right away that first month, it quickly developed also into my own personal link filter, where I tried to keep on top of and share anything and everything from the net that interested me nearly as quickly as I could find it.

A quick review of the MMC archives in the sidebar tells the rest of the story... Within nine months, I was suffering from informational burnout, and had to find another blogging raison d'ĂȘtre!

Nowadays, MMC tends to be most active during the summer, when I'm off from teaching and/or have returned to Venice. What's more, as you can sample here, Michelle's Mental Clutter is now just the best of the things I love most to share: news from Venice; the funny and the curious or the interesting and the edifying links from the web; stuff about my hobbies, like photography and cooking; and my own pontifications (such as they are) on life, the universe and everything! I hope folks out there may come to enjoy them almost as much as I do!!

It's been a good three years... Thanks for your kind attention, best wishes, and hope to see you for years to come here at "Michelle's Mental Clutter"!


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