MMC's Greatest Hits, Volume 1: 2005-2008

With over 1000 posts in three years on "Michelle's Mental Clutter," how do you cut to the best?

Well, there's always the topic categories on the right sidebar, which picks up posts starting in 2006. Before that, Blogger didn't have the option built in to tag posts with subjects... So, I gerry-rigged the equivalent. So, for the multitude of posts between 2005 and 2006, the subject breakdown is as follows:
What's more, the footer at the bottom of every page highlights a past post! That's like two blog posts for the price of one!! :-)

Last but not least, the greatest hits! Of these, probably my post on Hieronymus Bosch Action Figures! has generated by far the most correspondence... Then, of the rest, I'd say that the following is a VERY quick (and completely unscientific!) "Top 15" just of my blog essays from the past 3 years of MMC, in no particular order! But please keep in mind they're nothing but the tip of the vast plethora that is the "Michelle's Mental Clutter" iceberg!!
  1. Overheard at the Bookstore...

  2. History Bloopers

  3. First signs of summer at Land's End

  4. Clutter!

  5. A Night at the Opera

  6. Venice Streetnames

  7. A Venetian "Tail" of Cat & Dog:

    The "veci paroni" of Via Garibaldi

  8. The Best of...: Capri (UPDATED!)

  9. Baby Food?

  10. Big Eye for the Smallest Alley

  11. Love that "American Style"!

  12. Grappa vs. Limoncello

  13. Foreign Language Faux Pas!

  14. Frank Lloyd Wright in Venice?

  15. Venice on Ice

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