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Next, I'd like to introduce you to Google Reader!

Google's "Reader" feature is what's called a "newsfeed aggregator," which is just a fancy name for a website that lets me boil down all the websites I like to follow into a friendly, portable text format that I can skim far more easily than if I tried to browse all-day-long all 66 websites I'm currently following! Sure, it's not nearly as pretty as the original webpages, but it is infinitely quicker to read, and is totally portable on ye olde new iPhone!

In the process, I even can point out the rare needles of particular interest from among those massive haystacks of information, and share them with you in the left sidebar on "Michelle's Mental Clutter." I hope you'll find this a great way not just to avoid information overclocking (since out of the over 4000 items I've eye-scanned over last week, I've only shared a total of NINE!) but also to discover for yourself the eclectic little nuggets o' fun 'n' knowledge that I've been only too glad to mine for you!

To give you an idea of the kinds of myriad things you'll be finding there, here's a review of what's resident in the sidebar RIGHT NOW at 2:53 pm on Wednesday, June 11:
  • No glove boning for me: If you're like me and read cookbooks as brain candy, what's your own personal "deal breaker" for trying a recipe? NY Times asks the question, and Lifehacker and Metafilter respond!

More to come from the road all this summer! Enjoy!!

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