Adventures in spring cleaning here at Casa Michelle...

The entire right quadrant of my bedroom by my bedside reading table had become a solid mass of paper. Memos, recipes, health articles, mailings, magazines - still unopened, books, etc. etc. I've been trying to scramble up the face of it all day... (The sherpas spooked midway and turned back without me.)

Excavations have been difficult... complicated by dense strata of detritus. Through hard work, several trash bags, and - not to mention - the force of will (such as it is) not to read every single little thing that I've managed to collect thus far before I throw it out, I believe however that I may have finally reached the level of the late Pleistocene period!

Flotsam and jetsam from my life, as from so many past civilizations. Meaningless now... like linear A.

But the excavations have nevertheless yielded the rare valuable (or funny, or both) artifact. About halfway down the midden, for example, I found the following, and couldn't help but laugh. How appropriate, and yet, how so clearly utterly futile... Enjoy!

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planettom said...

I've noticed that before; each strata will have a newspaper clipping on "Solving your paperwork clutter problem!"

I'd have laughed at the irony, but I was afraid it'd cause a landslide of paper and I'd be trapped.