Where Foodies Love to Eat... Mainers in Venice!

I was going through some back issues of magazines when I discovered the following review of what just happened to be a common restaurant we eat at in our neighborhood in Venice (called Via Garibaldi and pictured at left, with a cruise ship making the tricky turn out of the Grand Canal just off the waterfront), from a restauranteur who just happens to be a fellow Portland-Mainer...

I guess it's a small world after all... Or, as the Italians would say, "All the world's a village!"

Where Foodies Love to Eat:
SAM HAYWARD (Co-owner and chef of Fore Street in Portland, Maine)

Venice - "Everywhere my wife and I went in Venice we asked our servers where they eat. They all had the same answer: Al Nuovo Galeon, in the Castello neighborhood. There's a piazza outside, and moms running back and forth with mouthfuls of scampi to watch the kids. They'll bring you a huge platter of seafood with spider crab, shrimp, octopus, squid, sea bass, and a couple other things. It's all glistening and served with mild olive oil. They'll give you a hard time if you order anything complex like risotto. 1308 Via Garibaldi, 011-39/041-520-4656, seafood platter $54. "

The risotto part is not quite true, though... When you order a laborious, expensive seafood risotto, they just want to make sure that more than one person at the table's going to be eating it, so order it for 2 persons or more! And enjoy!!

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