How to Park like a Man and Shower Like a Woman?

Graduation at the college brought - as usual - an absolute free-for-all for parking. My good friend claims that he was actually directed to park like this! He then went out for lunch with some former students... and - in the meantime - the college emptied out, leaving his car seemingly beached like a whale on the lawn. I guess when you think about it, the "no parking" sign was actually directed to the pavement instead... (and, hey, there's no sign that says "Keep off the Grass"!)

So, while I know about the supposed "mitigating circumstances,"his parking job was so funny that I posted it on the "Bad Parking" photo pool at Flickr anyway!

That's when my good friend threatened to send me the meme on women parking. Yeah, bud... bring it on! ;-)

In the meantime, here's a version of a classic that my best woman friend - who is also a complete bath fiend - sent me long ago about male/female shower habits!

(Even if I am an "anthrophile" feminist at heart, I can't help it... It may be just a bit derogatory, but I find really good gender humor pretty damn funny!!)


Dale J. Brooker said...

Now who wants to PIMP that ride???

Michelle said...

Actually, it'd be kinda funny to drive down to his place, pop the car open with a slim jim, and pimp it up right there in the parking lot of his apartment, and then let him just discover it the next time he was going anywhere! Hee hee!!