This week's "Science in the News": Lying and the Irrational Fear of Loss

More along the lines of the recent "neuroeconomic" studies of dread and "temporal myopia"... Fascinating! - Why We Lie: "Many animals engage in deception, or deliberately misleading another, but only humans are wired to deceive both themselves and others, researchers say. People are so engaged in managing how others perceive them that they are often unable to separate truth from fiction in their own minds..." (more)

Seed: Monkeys and Humans Are Both Irrational: "A group of Yale researchers studying the origin of irrational decision-making found that choosing impractically isn't a behavior exhibited only by humans. Our evolutionary cousins, capuchin monkeys, exhibit the same tendency with respect to loss aversion, or the tendency to strongly prefer avoiding losses rather than acquiring gains..." (more)

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