Me and Gandhi sitting in a tree??

More astrological fun and nonsense...

The Relationship Analyst by Top Synergy lets you test your compatibility with tons of famous people. Since there were practically no hotties I appreciate (except maybe Ewan McGregor or Johnny Depp... purely for their acting abilities, mind you!) I decided to check out quirky combos instead. At first, I was really tempted to look up myself and Padre Pio, but - since there's already a lot we can agree on - in the end I chose me and Gandhi.

Yes, that Gandhi. Highlights of the report include:
  • Surprise! Not a whole lot in the "sensual attraction" range. Oh well, I like to think that's just because he preferred celibacy! (Then again, under those circumstances, I probably would too...)
  • Another surprise! Apparently Gandhi wouldn't make a great employee for me... (Must be that non-violent non-cooperation thing.)
  • All in all, while longterm friendship and romance could be in our future, the report recommends that maybe we should just be penpals.
Why not? I already have another philosopher "penpal" who never writes back...

(Maybe I'd have better luck with Nikola Tesla?)

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