Big Eye for the Smallest Alley

My alleyway outside my door in Venice is just a little over 4 feet wide, and that's at one of its widest points... It's narrow even by Venetian standards.

But it's not the narrowest Venetian public thoroughfare by far! That distinction belongs to the "Calesela de L'Ochio Grosso" or the "Little Alleyway of the Big Eye" in the sestiere of Castello, in the nearby parish of San Martino. You might imagine that its name has a really colorful origin, but--believe it or not--it's only named after a certain "John Big Eye," or "Zuan Occhio Grosso," who lived there in 1566.
(I don't however know why he was named that. I shudder to think...)

It's all of 21 inches wide!


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