"The Venetian Dilemma"

Airing these days on PBS:
The Venetian Dilemma
(from Weird Venice)


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Tom said...

When we were in Venice, when we were in the more remote sections of Venice (far from the tourist haunts and maddening crowds I mean), I was always struck, perhaps erroneously, about how deserted some sections seemed to be. I really got the impression there weren't many people in some of those buildings. The feeling was like when you see a nautilus shell, with closed off chambers.

The idea I got was, there's probably a lot of buildings, houses, apartments, etc. that are owned by people on the mainland... Italian or otherwise... either wealthy people or kept in the family, and used once in a blue moon, weekends, holiday, etc.

Except for the little old lady here and there, some of those areas seemed like ghost towns.

There almost seemed to be that sort of BLADE RUNNER paradox, where on certain streets, you have these mob crowds, yet, Deckerd's apartment building (and J.F. Sebastian's), he seems to be the only one living in it. Parts of Venice felt like that to me.