Remember the "Land Shark"?

The real "bear" is convincing them that it's a candygram...



Michelle said...

And let me just say that an image search for "land shark" brings up some great snapshots!

My faves so far...

(I gave up after the first ten pages! Of course, they're taken completely out of context, but that's half the fun!!)

(I think this last one's a great idea for pimping "Markie's Marquis"...)

Last but certainly not least, don't miss the, believe it or not, *entire web site* dedicated to "Land Sharks"!

Michelle said...

This just in... "Jaws" in the Adriatic! (from "Clark Howard's Travel e-Scapes")

"Tourism officials in Croatia have warned tourists to stay close to the shore after several sightings of a big shark were reported in the northern Adriatic. A Great White shark, measuring over 13 feet, was seen by fishermen and workers on an oil rig off the northern town of Pula this week. Another sighting, more to the south and close to the shore, was reported near the city of Rijeka."

(My husband's family was originally from Pula...)