Technical Notes re: my RSS feed

I beg your patience for a rare, short, off-topic technical note...

I'm in the process of changing my old
RSS (or "syndication" feed) over to Feedburner. I will eventually turn off the old one, so anybody who's reading this over "My Yahoo" or similar "news aggregator" services, please point your link to!
(All my RSS links now point there.)

If this doesn't make any sense, but you still use "My Yahoo" or a similar service to keep track of this blog, the easiest thing to do is to delete the old address from your "content" and then re-add it by clicking on the "Add to My Yahoo" link at the bottom of my blog page or else by cutting and pasting the link above into your "add content" page.

If none of this makes any sense whatsoever, and you keep track of this blog by directly loading,
then feel free to ignore this post! :-)


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