More Italian Food News (plus yet more Italian commercials that wouldn't fly in the states!)

''Pizza Pact'' for cash-strapped Italians (from zoomata):

"What could possibly ruin the love affair between Italians and pizza? Money. The faltering Italian economy -- more or less stagnant since 2002 -- and relentless price hikes with the arrival of the euro have made many in the Bel Paese forgo eating out."

For those (like us) who can no longer really afford to go out to eat...

Last, but certainly not least, more Italian commercials that wouldn't fly in the States! Oooh, I didn't have to wait long for more, and I spotted two on TV in one night... Enjoy!

(Commercials and advertisements are great for learning about different cultures, since it's the P.R. company's goal to strike a viewer's sensibilities as quickly as possible!)

  • This company makes canned tomatoes. Their latest ad campaign explains why in Italy more and more thirty-somethings are choosing to continue to live at home with their parents... According to the commercials, it's not actually the fault of the high rate of unemployment and/or the high cost of living. Instead, it's because Mamma makes such a good spaghetti sauce, who'd want to leave?!
  • Um, I used to drink this mineral water...
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