Photos: Bela Lugosi plays Jesus in 1909 Passion Play

Bela Lugosi plays Jesus in 1909 Passion Play: Photos from Boing Boing.

Is it just me, or do a lot of actors who take on that daunting role in the films listed in "Celluloid Jesus" go on to have rather unusual careers?

After all, there's been Max von Sydow (he may have outdone himself with "Ming the Merciless," though), Willem Defoe (who also went on to play a vampire in "The Shadow of..."), and my favorite former-Jesus, Victor Garber (who was in 1973's Godspell and is now mega-intimidating and almost unrecognizable as Sydney's dad, Jack Bristow, in "Alias").

Then again, a quick search of "Jesuses" in the Internet Movie Database comes up with more than 400 hits! So, I guess that hardly makes a pattern... Still, I suppose there's no better role if you want to be able to count on a "comeback"! :-)

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