Venetian Cat Box

I pass this house near the Arsenale nearly every day, and nearly every day there is this cat who's commandeered a flower box... I've tried to take several pictures, but--not surprisingly--he usually turns out just looking like a big furry blob!

That is, until today...

I think he must make a point of waking up once a month, whether he needs to or not!
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Anonymous said...

Did you get to pet him? What's on his colar a cat face? What is his name? I have many cats and he is just adorable! I need planters for my cats!! Thanks for the laugh! Request: more cat photos from venice! Love this site!

Michelle said...

Sorry, I didn't get to pet him because I was too busy shooting this rare photo op! :-) Honestly, though, he had the most amazing eyes I've ever seen on any creature... They weren't just green, they were jade!