Boing Boing: Man inflates forehead for art

Um... vile.

Ranks right up there with those people who get high off of trepanning, as you can read here. I swear I'm not making this up... I wish I were! I'm still bearing psychic scars from seeing the documentary.

But the "International Trepanation Advocacy Group" says, "For the first time on this planet you are free to have maximum fulfillment... It is no longer necessary to follow a path and search for your true greatness..."

Whew! That's good news!! I guess I needed enlightenment like I needed a hole in the head...

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Michelle said...

And can I just say that a brief glance at a quick websearch for that documentary I'd seen seems to produce results from folks' blogs who trepan themselves? (Sorry! I won't be doing that here!!)