"Floating Mountains" in Venice

The common view from the waterfront of a cruise ship making the laborious turn from the Giudecca Canal out into the Venetian lagoon always gives the residents of Via Garibaldi a moment's pause, not least because it looks like it's going to come right up the street, but also since these enormous, hulking behemoths absolutely dwarf most buildings of the city!

Reminded me of a fun post I saw on Veniceblog, 9 July 2004:

A world-famous author was staying in Venice on the Riva degli Schiavoni one Spring. In the middle of writing a letter, he was annoyed by the departure of a huge ship moored in the Bacino, literally right outside his door. He likened it to a "floating mountain", and hated how it seemed to dwarf the house he was living in.

The writer was Petrarch. The date was April, 1363.

Ah, the more things change, the more things stay the same!



Tom said...

They should have filmed the end of SPEED2 on Via Garibaldi!

Michelle said...

Actually, I'm just glad that nobody made a SPEED3 with, say, a bicycle or something!! :-)

Tom said...

There was an episode of FATHER TED, "Speed3", where Dougal had to drive a milk truck. If it went over 4 mph a bomb would explode....