Talk about "Floating Mountains"!

Seems that I posted about the "
Floating Mountains" of Venice too soon!

Take a look at the Carnival Liberty... Built by the local Fincantieri ship builders in nearby Marghera, it's here in the city to celebrate its christening and debut.

This is not a trick photo. The cruise ship is actually that huge! You can see exactly how big when you see it smack-dab next to the buildings of the city!!

(This leviathan weighs in at 110,000 metric tons, is 72 meters tall, 43 meters wide, and boasts nearly 1500 cabins!)

Somehow, though, I don't think this is quite what Petrarch had in mind! And, as a matter of fact, his modern Venetian counterparts are even less thrilled about its visit than he was about ships in his day.

The Liberty blots out the sky for the inhabitants of the waterfront (as you can see in the photo below) not to mention any summer sea breeze and television reception!

Top that off with the fact that we don't live on the waterfront, but we can still hear the ship's generators throughout the entire neighborhood (and even within our house with all the windows closed!) and you'll know why the locals have been driven to distraction!



Michelle said...

Everyone except those in the immediate neighborhood seem to be assuaged that there's actually a Venetian--Marco Nogara from Cannaregio who graduated from the city's nautical school Venier--at the helm of the Liberty.

(From La Nuova Venezia, 26 July 2005)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean Sis, Eric and I have been on a carnival sister ship to that one. It was HUGE. I needed a map at all times. Then we went on a cruise called COSTA. It was all Italian. I finally understood what the Titanic passengers felt when they couldn't understand the language of the ships maps. All maps and first announcements were all in Italian.