News Flash: Italians love Italian food
(and so does everybody else!)

"The trouble with eating Italian food
is that five or six days later
you're hungry again."
- George Miller

From Clark Howards' "Travel e-Scapes" - 4/14/05

"A just-released poll among six European nations finds that the proudest of their national food are the Italians. Nearly 90 percent prefer an Italian meal to their own cuisine. Spaniards rave over their pickled octopus and blood sausage, but the visiting Brits and Germans can't stand the stuff. As for English fare, many Londoners greatly dislike their own steak-and-kidney pie. Spain came in second with 85 percent, followed by the French at 76 percent. Those least enthused by their own cuisine are the Dutch. They eat things like 'zuurkool met rookworsp,' a hodgepodge of sauerkraut with potatoes and smoked sausage. Italians seek out pasta and other carbohydrates, even when they travel abroad - and crave mozzarella cheese, tiramisu and cappuccino."

Maybe that's a little unfair... we shouldn't knock zuurkool 'till we've tried it! (Seems that the Dutch don't!)

As usual, some of the best Dutch cuisine is actually "fusion" from their interactions with other cultures... For example, in the case of Dutch-Indonesian, don't miss the rijsttafel! It is honestly fab!!

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Michelle said...

Sure enough! I just quizzed my local friendly Dutchman, and he said that, at least in Amsterdam, everybody tends to eat ethnic when they go out precisely because they always gladly eat Dutch when they're at home! (At least according to my admittedly small sample, it would seem that this survey may have misinterpreted its data just a little bit!!)