Mystery ship discovered in Italian waters!

"Ride, capitano, ride... upon your mystery ship!!"

After Maine's "Mystery Beast," we've got Italy's very own "mystery ship"...

Linkfilter cites Ghost ship discovered in the Italian waters from Pravda.Ru!

Now, the Pravda version includes a photo looking like it's straight outta "Pirates of the Caribbean." Seems a little large to have gone unnoticed before... So, I looked the story up in Italy's La Repubblica.

And now, behold... the "Italian Ghost Ship"!

In addition to the details given in English by Pravda, Italians first reported on August 22nd other essential information like the ship also contained "badly-made clothing." What's more, the next day the newspaper recounted that another police station had received an anonymous note saying, "In the Mediterranean, a sailboat will appear with a bomb on board." Even though continued searches of the vessel have so far uncovered no explosives, investgators have determined that any information regarding route and heading were wiped clean from the navigation equipment.

Ah, but little did Pravda realize that the very day they broke the news, the mystery surrounding the ghost ship would be apparently resolved! Turns out that the ship was owned by a Luxembourger, who had left it exactly where it was found because he had an urgent call to return to his home country. Still, questions remain... Why leave the boat so utterly abandoned? Why were all identifying marks erased? The owner claims that he knows only that he had originally left everything in legal order.

I'll post any further updates as I find 'em... but so far, this story has seemingly begun to dry up!

The end (?)

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