Podcasts "all' italiana"!

Lately, I've started discovering free mp3 podcasts... and while a lot of 'em seem highly self-indulgent, the best use I've seen of them so far is as audio travelguides and for teaching languages!

Whet your podcast appetite with introductory audio travelguides to Venice! They're great on site, or else are the next best thing to being there!!

Want more? DOZENS of travelguides are available for sites throughout Italy (but - unfortunately - only in Italian at this point) at freeaudioguide.com.

No problem if you don't understand Italian... Podcasts can teach you! The one getting probably the most press at the moment is learnitalianpod.com (although you can also find others listed - for starters - on the index at Podcast Pickle, like Let's Speak Italian and Inside Italian)!

Enjoy, and "buon podcast"!

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