UPDATED: Hate Tourists? Remove 'Em!

It's a worn old saw that tourists are ruining Venice. (I don't quite agree, but I'll save that for another post!)

Venetians typically can't stand tourists, although I've never seen them so overt about it as in the above advert for a new bookshop in town!! (More below...)

Look, don't like tourists? Now, there's no reason to just bellyache about it... YOU CAN REMOVE THEM, using Snapmania's amazing new "Tourist Remover"!

By utilizing this FREE handy-dandy, easy-to-use online service, the "Tourist Remover" figures out what you'd really wanted to take a picture of, and what's extraneous, like tourists, and tries to get rid of them!

The results? See for yourself the "before" and "after" of the Porta della Carta entrance to the Ducal Palace in Saint Mark's Square...

As you can see, since I didn't use a tripod, the results are not so good.

However, the new photo is far more surreal than the original and strangely satisfying!

Maybe you'll have better luck removing your tourists... Enjoy!!

UPDATED 8/7: The abovementioned bookstore even has a website, ilovetourism.org. So, what's worse... making money hand-over-fist from rampant, consumeristic tourism, or making money from tourists by being ostensibly against rampant, consumeristic tourism??? Hmmm...

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planet-tom said...

I gave that Tourist Remover software a whirl:
Results here!