Starring "Volare" & "Pat & Stanley" in Sidebar Video!

The sidebar video for the last couple of days has been the superhip "Nel blu dipinto di blu" with Domenico Modugno for Italy at the the Eurovision Song Contest in 1958. Also known as "Volare," the song has also been listed in September 2006's Conde Nast Traveller as one of the world's greatest "50 tunes that unforgettably evoke their culture." Personally, since the Italian national anthem has always technically been just "temporary," I always thought they should use "Volare" instead! :-)

Today, meet "Pat" & "Stanley"! Pat is a rather sophisticated hippopotamus, and Stanley his sillier dog friend, and together they advertise the Kinder "Happy Hippo" chocolate bar. The ad is French, but it also appeared on TV in Italy over the summer, and - I have to admit - they just cracked me up! Enjoy!!

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