"Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths' pure theater."

This week's conspiracy theory...

We already knew that Dale's alter-ego is Ming the Merciless... But I have since determined that a couple of great comedians also have secret identities, passing themselves off as mild-mannered college professors, too. (Think about it! Have you ever seen these pairs together in the same place??)

Exhibit A:
Dr. Steve = Seinfeld (Total giveway delivery: "Um, let's just get off the French for a while, shall we?")

Exhibit B:
Prof. Marky-J = Letterman (Total giveaway delivery: "He's fine... He's fine. He landed on his back.")

This may spread far wider than we originally thought!! Can anybody think of any others who may also be trying to pass incognito among us?? (Either that, or it's the invasion of the funny body snatchers... AIIEEEE!)

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Anonymous said...

How about Dr. Tony as Tony Danza. Just watch the Tony Danza Show with the volume off and see if the gestures and body language aren't familiar! Helps if it's a day with a cooking segment.