Today's absolutely adorable moment...

These days, I tend to get my R.D.A. (recommended daily "ahww...") from that fantastic new blog, "Cute Overload."

(For a sample, page down to the bottom to check out my new, official "Cute Overload" slide show in the footer!)

But here's one they missed... Photos of "Cairo, an Italian mastiff puppy, [who] was introduced as a playmate to 10-week-old Koza, a lion cub whose twin died, at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. The idea is that lions are social animals, but there are no other lion cubs at the park for Koza to interact with. Cairo is the next best thing."
(and other breathtaking cuteness from Metafilter)

UPDATE: Previous "Strange but Adorable" moments on "MMC" here & here!

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